RPM 2.0: micro- and partial gravity simulation

The Random Positioning Machine simulates microgravity by continuously changing the orientation of samples. The rotation minimizes the influence of Earth’s gravity on samples inside the device. These simulations enable to research for example the influence of gravity on biological organisms, such as plants and humans.

A new home for the RPM

A new home has been found for the Random Positioning Machine (RPM) offering. As of 19 August 2021, the company yuri GmbH is the new supplier of the RPM and will be your new point of contact for all topics regarding RPM.

If you have any questions regarding RPM, please contact yuri at:

We firmly believe that RPM will be in great hands at yuri, as they have been founded with the mission to enable and expand research and commercial applications in microgravity. Their team has 30+ years of experience, having worked on 11 successful ISS missions and various microgravity payloads, rovers and robots. They are a true one-stop-shop for any service in microgravity for any industry. We are certain that yuri is going to sustain the reputation and standing that we have managed to build for over decades.