Airbus Netherlands designs and builds structures for the launchers used to lift-off satellites into space. These structures must be lightweight but still capable of carrying heavy and complex loads. We are using our years of experience and the knowledge we have acquired to make new things possible in this field.

Without our technology, the Ariane launchers cannot leave the ground. We designed the Interstage 1/2 of the Vega rocket and the engine thrust frame for Ariane 5, and we are also involved in the future Ariane 6 launcher. From the design and development to testing and production in series, we possess the knowledge needed.

Besides launcher structures we also develop structures for satellites and instruments. From metal, but also increasingly from composite materials to reduce weight. Our engineers like a challenge. Each design is realised as lightly and strongly as possible for the lowest possible costs.

Collaboration is in our DNA. We have an extensive network of knowledge institutes and suppliers with whom we build the current launcher components and develop tomorrow’s technology as well. We bring the right partners together and take the lead. Efficient, creative, and customer oriented.