New initiatives

Airbus Netherlands is continuously searching for new chances and possibilities. We explore the market and talk with our clients. What are the needs? Which contribution can we make with our technology and expertise? And for which innovations do we move further together?

Our new business programme is a funnel for innovations. Everybody can put forward ideas for new products and services and we take the highly promising ideas further. We investigate the market potential and technical feasibility and invest in research and development. Eventually we launch the most promising innovations – products or services – onto the market.

An example is our Articulated Deployment System (ADS). This system deploys the large antenna of communication satellites at some distance from the satellite. It is a new product for telecommunication satellites that is based on our knowledge of both solar panels and robotics.

In our programme aimed at new market opportunities, we do research into promising products for series production (also on a small scale). From applications for the earth observation instrument Tropomi to a revolutionary new radiator concept for satellites. We actively seek collaboration with our clients, suppliers and partners in realising these projects. Good ideas are always welcome.