Defence projects

Airbus Netherlands provides access to the portfolio of Airbus Defence in Europe. In addition we add value to Airbus products with our knowledge of spaceflight and years of experience in the sector. And we develop technology for defence applications, especially, simulations and training.

For the Joint Strike Fighter we built ECATS, the Embedded Combat Aircraft Training System. Pilots can use ECATS to simulate enemies on their on-board instruments. That provides a real-life training scenario with one or more enemy aircraft in the air.

Our technology can be widely used in the area of defence. Examples are the simulation of rocket exercises in a domed theatre or the use of detailed satellite information during military missions. Together with the Dutch Ministry of Defence we are investigating what our forces need in the future so that we can provide them with tailored products and applications.

The extensive European portfolio of Airbus Defence ranges from products for military aircraft and night vision equipment through to satellite services. We are the contact point for Airbus Defence products in the Netherlands.