Air Quality Monitor

Most of us probably do not think about the polluted air we breathe every day. However, this is important when you realise that on average you live a year longer in clean air. To improve air quality, it is important to first understand the current situation of our atmosphere.

Up-to-date insights with Air Quality Monitor

Curious about the air quality in your direct environment? The Air Quality Monitor below shows the concentration of multiple important constituents in the atmosphere for today and tomorrow.

NO2 emissions are primarily caused by human activity, as shown by the higher concentrations in cities and above shipping routes in the map. Also particulate matter (PM2.5) is especially noticeable in cities, but can be found elsewhere due to strong winds.


Current air quality based on data of multiple sources, for example the earth observation instrument OMI (© Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands B.V.).

Forecast of the concentrations of atmospheric constituents at the Earth’s surface which determine air quality. Data used: CAMS, models of the atmosphere and measurements from satellites like OMI and TROPOMI.

1 click→ forecast of the concentration of the selected location in Europe.