Airbus Tech Hub to kick-off in the Netherlands

The Hub will bring together and foster collaboration between aerospace professionals, researchers and innovators in the region

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Leiden, 16 April 2024 – Airbus has opened the Airbus Tech Hub in the Netherlands, a platform to catalyse breakthroughs in aerospace research, technology and innovation with the local ecosystem.

The Airbus global network of Tech Hubs aims to foster collaboration among industry leaders, academia and knowledge institutes, government, and start-ups, creating strong communities pushing boundaries in aerospace technology and preparing the future of aviation. The Airbus Tech Hub in the Netherlands will focus on the following key areas: aerospace structures and materials, future energy technologies, communications of the future, and sustainable aviation fuels.

“The Airbus Tech Hub in the Netherlands is part of the Airbus global network of technology and innovation hubs that are strategic and are integral to our mission to pioneer sustainable aerospace by bringing Airbus closer to the local ecosystem,” said Mark Bentall, Head of R&T Programme at Airbus. “I am excited that by adding this Dutch hub we will be able to tap into the strong capabilities of the Netherlands. The Netherlands has a strong reputation for academic and entrepreneurial excellence and talent, its strengths in research and development and a culture that nurtures collaboration and provides fertile ground for the needed innovation and concrete outcomes.”

The Airbus Tech Hub in the Netherlands is being launched in partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, both of which are represented in the steering board, with the aim of well positioning the Dutch ecosystem for relevant Airbus programmes and projects. With KLM as a strategic partner, the collaboration will be strengthened by the airline’s knowledge and needs, acting as a driving force for innovation and implementation of new technologies in the short and long term. The cooperation for the Airbus Tech Hub in the Netherlands will be formalised by the Steering Board partners by means of a partnership agreement.

Barry ter Voert, Chief Experience Officer and EVP Business Development at KLM: “KLM is thrilled to join the Airbus Tech Hub, a pivotal step in our commitment to advancing sustainability in aviation. Together, we’ll pioneer technological advancements, especially in activities related to maintenance and repair, essential for accommodating new materials and energy sources. Collaboration is key, and this initiative perfectly aligns with our goals for CO2 and noise reduction.”

Among the projects that were announced at the launch of the Airbus Tech Hub in the Netherlands, are “Hyperion” and the “Cabin of the Future” programme. The Dutch Hyperion project, for which Airbus is collaborating with partners such as KLM and NLR, aims at improving sustainability of aircraft maintenance by using prognostics and component data visibility in order to minimise the environmental and economic impact of operational disruptions. The Cabin of the Future project has the ambition to reach interdisciplinary collaboration on solutions for cabin elements that meet aviation safety requirements, contribute to better re-use of materials, prevent combustion of usable raw materials, are recyclable and lightweight and lead to catering efficiency and waste reduction. Right from the start, the Airbus Tech Hub will actively work on synergies between the Dutch coalition Aviation in Transition and Airbus programmes and projects, with a special focus on innovative structures and materials, hydrogen systems and SAF.

With the Airbus Tech Hub in the Netherlands, Airbus is tapping into the robust technological expertise available in the Netherlands, harnessing the potential of its ecosystem, capitalising on the country’s strong start-up culture and drawing on the rich talent and skills available in the region.

All stakeholders in the Dutch aerospace ecosystem and related sectors, are invited to participate in the Airbus Tech Hub projects. There will be a direct link to the Dutch ecosystem, including the Dutch R&D Programme Aviation in Transition, through the advisory role of the trade organisation NAG (Netherlands Aerospace Group).

The kick-off of the Airbus Tech Hub in the Netherlands, with from left to right: Rob Postma, President Airbus the Netherlands, Wouter van Wersch, Executive Vice President Airbus International, Tjerk Opmeer, acting director-general for Business & Innovation at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Barry ter Voert, Chief Experience Officer & Executive Vice President Business Development at KLM, and Mark Bentall, Head of R&T Programme at Airbus.

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