Dutch Space renamed Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands as of today

As of November, Dutch Space, supplier of high tech products and services for the international aerospace industry, will be known under the name of Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands B.V. The change of name of the Dutch company, which plays a leading role in space since the late sixties, stems from the rebranding of the parent company early this year. The new company name, which will be visible today with the new corporate identity and the launch of the website www.airbusDS.nl, has no further effect on the Leiden based organization and its employees.

With the integration of parent company Astrium with the former Airbus Military and Ex-Cassidian into Airbus Defence and Space as of 1 July 2014, the collaboration between the two domains of this European leader in defence and aerospace technology grows. For the Dutch company – previously known as Fokker Space and from 2003 until today operating under the name Dutch Space – the step towards the new name enables the company to further benefit from the integration with the international organization. For example, with the access to international markets and international exchange programs for employees and also with initiatives to stimulate further innovation, such as a closer technology collaboration with colleagues in other Airbus sites for the development of solar arrays. The decision to Operate under the same international brand is in line with the global ambition of Airbus Group.

The company name Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands offers the Dutch organization not only a worldwide recognition of the Airbus brand; the brand also refers to the specific Dutch expertise and a strong national history and tradition. “We are proud of our Dutch heritage that now is part of the strong international Airbus organization as recognizable brand,” says Arnaud de Jong, CEO of Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands, “Our strength is in the cutting edge technology we develop. We will continue our activities in this area unabated. The positive association with the Airbus brand and increased cooperation with international colleagues can open new doors for us.”

Dutch glory in space high-tech

The new name represents a next chapter in the rich history of the organization that once started as Fokker Space, the first Dutch space company. Since its start in 1968, the company contributes to noteworthy space programs, with that enabling the Dutch team to build broad and simultaneously specialised knowledge and expertise. At the Leiden based company more than 200 experts work in state-of-the-art facilities where solar arrays, satellite (sub)systems and launcher structures are designed, assembled, tested and delivered.