June 23rd, 2022 Dutch aerosol instrument SPEXone mounted on NASA’s climate satellite. Read More »

June 25th, 2021 Realistic air combat training for Korean Hawk. Read More »

Today it's MoonDay Motivation! 🌕
Learn more about the European-built service modules that will power @NASA_Orion and how the #Artemis missions will establish a human presence on the Moon.

🚪 Welcome to our cleanroom in Bremen 😍
From the @Space_Station Columbus Lab to #Artemis, many iconic space missions started here, in good hands with our engineers. 🛠️

Three in a row! 👀
World first: Three @ESA European Service Modules for the next #Artemis missions being integrated in Airbus' cleanroom.
Check out the progress on each service module:
ESM 3: 80% completed
ESM 4: 30% completed
ESM 5: 5% completed

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New initiatives

Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands is continuously searching for new chances and possibilities. Read more »

Did you know?

11 meters is the total length of the European Robotic Arm for the ISS
6 times as much data will be provided by our Dutch EO instrument Tropomi
6 attitude & orbit control systems – ANS, IRAS, ISO, SAX, Herschel & Planck – were developed in Leiden
7 grams of explosives enable the separation of our Interstage 1/2 for Vega
150 Ariane 5 engine thrust frames have been delivered by the Netherlands
Dutch Technology

Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands is Nederlands van oorsprong. Wat in 1968 begon als de ruimtevaartafdeling van vliegtuigconcern Fokker, groeide uit tot een zelfstandig bedrijf gespecialiseerd in innovatieve ruimtevaarttechnologie. Ook als onderdeel van de Airbusgroep blijft onze eigen, noem het typisch Nederlandse, aanpak overeind: betrouwbaar, oplossingsgericht, met een helder einddoel voor ogen en altijd in voor (internationale) samenwerking.